Florida Oldscool Campers Rental

VW Bus Rentals where you can have both  a mobile vacation with unique accommodations

You must meet the requirements and agree to the polices.

*Minimum of 26 years old 'NO EXCEPTIONS'
*5 night minimum
*less 5 nights - inquire 30 days prior to your  
                          departure date.

*limitations on distance & miles.           
Florida Keys 7 night minimum)
*minimum of two years driving experience.
*Credit card in drivers name.
*Valid drivers license (not expired)

*The knowledge that these are vintage vehicles and have to be driven at a slower speed.  If you plan to arrive at your location quickly, the VW Bus is not meant for your trip.  Traveling in a VW Bus is about the journey.  (70's 55mph, 80's 60mph)
*Respect for the fact that these are vintage vehicles.  We expect for all renters to treat the buses as if it was your classic car.

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unique accommodations with a vw bus rental

gives you a mobile vacation. 


Tampa/St. Petersburg


Florida, USA


Let's hope for good friends and not bitter enemies!
        Slow is the new fast

~Stuck in the Seventies~

                   Legalize Rust
What better way to travel Florida then in a vw RV rental?  We give you the chance to have unique accommodations while traveling in your groovy mobile sleeper van.
   Oldscool Camper Rentals

Offering unique accommodations.  With a mobile vacation in your vw sleeper van rental.  With a mobile vacation, you can change your view anytime you want, without packing and changing hotels. 


Mechanics of the VW Bus


Florida Oldscool Campers' vehicles have been completely restored. Inside and out.We want our buses' to be around for another 40 years.  We have reputable VW mechanics working on and maintaining our fleet of buses.  While breaking down  is always a possibility, we have taken every precaution to insure you have a nice dependable ride. We offer unique accommodations for a mobile vacation in your vw bus rental. 

Get Directions To:
6330 46th Street North
Pinellas Park Florida 33781

  Saving one VW Bus at a time

         Long live air-cooled V-dubs

   Home is where you park it

        ~no water - no worries~

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