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How to travel in style ...


While traveling in one of our restored Volkswagen bus, you will have the pleasure of stopping at any scenic spot along your journey.  Inside your groovy camper van, you can cook fabulous meals on a two burner gas stove, dine at your own private table with the view of your choice.  Take a nap at any of Florida's great locations in one of two comfortable beds or just lay back and enjoy the view. 

When it's time to park your VW Bus Rental, it slides into a standard parking place with no fuss.  If you desire shore power your camper van rental has full hook-ups including water and standard 110 outlets.  If a campground isn't your style the Volkswagen bus has an on-board water tank, sink, icebox, external propane tank, and luxury battery.  Traveling in a VW Bus is like traveling in a mini RV.  With a mobile vacation in a camper van rental, your journey is your destination. Oldscool making it possible for a Florida old school trip.

Oldscool Campers (Florida old school) is here to assist you in planning a perfect holiday.  Our staff is very knowledgeable about all aspects of Florida.  We offer airport pick up/drop off at our local airports for a fee (TPA & PIE).  We can help you find the best camping spots, direct you towards a scenic road, or even a great side trip that would be missed by the typical tourist.  We are a small operation and thrive on happy customers.  We enjoy sharing a lifetime of traveling the coast with our renters. Whether you choose to take it slow and easy or if your looking for adventure, we can help with ideas. If there is anything that would make your holiday more enjoyable in your Volkswagen Bus, just ask and we will try our best to accommodate you.  Get the luxury of traveling in a RV, but on a much smaller scale....and much more affordable. 

Florida Old School


Help us keep the air cooled VW's alive!

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Business Hours: Appointment Only
International airport: Tampa Airport (TPA) or                                       St Petersburg Airport (PIE)

Travel Restrictions: Florida only 
 -Florida Keys: 7 night minimum
    -We require camping half way 
      in-between in both directions. 
.Check Rates:: vacations starting at $450

 Climate control with .camping A/C
Your request should be answered within 24 hours. Please check your BULK mail for email. If you do not receive an email, please send us a message.      .Contact us

If you are in a hurry to arrive at your destination, one of our VW Buses are not for you. These are vintage campers with a driving speed of 55 mph, with a max driven time of 4 hours with 1 hour to cool. 

*Minimum of 26 years old 'NO EXCEPTIONS'
*5 night minimum High Season 
*3 nights - 
minimum low season
*Credit card in renters name (Available credit)
*Valid drivers license (not expired) 
*Two drivers only
*1-4 passengers (only 4 seat belts)
*7 night minimum to the keys 

*The knowledge that these are vintage vehicles and have to be driven at a slower speed.  If you plan to arrive at your location quickly, the VW Bus is not meant for your trip. Traveling in a VW Bus is about the journey.  (70's 55mph, 80's 60mph) 

*Respect for the fact that these are vintage 
 vehicles. We expect for all renters to treat 
 the buses if it was your classic car. 

Mechanics of the VW Bus


Florida Olds-cool Campers' vehicles have been completely restored. Inside and out. We want our buses' to be around for another 40 years.  We have reputable VW mechanics working on and maintaining our fleet of Sleeper-vans. While breaking down  is always a possibility, we have taken every precaution to insure you have a nice dependable ride. We offer unique accommodations for a mobile vacation in your Volkswagen bus rental. 

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                  Business Hours:  By Appointment ONLY

Dixie & Mike

  (727) 698-1970  

   The best way to contact us is via .email for questions,

and the availability form on the .home page of the website.

We only have one insurance company that will write this type of business, and we are grand fathered in. We have very strict guidelines from the insurer,

so we need the information on the form.

These are vintage vehicles, and we have strict guidelines
with distance and miles.      


Just imagine how groovy you will look as you cruise down the road in one of our vintage VW Bus Rentals!
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